Architectural cladding designer

The finish of the façade is ultimately what dominates its appearance. Finishes give buildings their life, our perception of them varying with time of day and with the seasons. This is why we offer a wide range of finishes.

Whether simple or complicated lacquer, natural anodising or bronze, TOLARTOIS will guide you to the most appropriate solution.

Every building is different. Architectural and budgetary problems are not always the same. This is why we decided to be able to offer you every possible metal.

Extreme ambiance, perforation, coating or anodising, each requires a different metal. Our professionalism and experience permit us to advise you on the right choice to suit your technical and economic specifics.

coating: All RAL shades, polyester and PVDF, pre-lacquered on reel, post-lacquered by electrostatic powder.

Anodisation: Uncoloured, gold, bronze, coloured, class 15 or 20, pre-anodised on reel, post-anodised after parts are made.