About us

Creating, composing, shaping, inventing

TOLARTOIS continues to provide “material to imagine”, whether ribbed panels, perforated sheets, or decorative cassettes and tiles.

Thanks to its 50 years experience in perforation for the building industry, TOLARTOIS offers you much more than simply a catalogue by helping you achieve all your ambitions, whether in natural steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc, etc., in architecture and industry. Using TOLARTOIS means counting on beauty and originality, letting you achieve your utmost ambitions.

A French specialist offering tailored upscale solutions, TOLARTOIS makes it a point of honour to innovate to turn your ideas into reality with an infinite range of ribbing and perforations. For example, our Outremer Sensation range permits perforations following any pattern. We have also become experts in the fabrication of backlit cassettes. Industrially, we can manufacture a wide variety of industrial components, from single prototypes to mid-size production runs.

Our workshops and our integrated engineering department put their unique expertise to work to support you at every technical stage of your project: ribbing and perforating all types of sheets to suit your wishes, making cassettes to your concept, as well as everything involving folding, notching, slitting, welding, etc.

Architectural facings designer

With over 50 years experience building official, TOLARTOIS is the French specialist in architectural metal facade, offering both aesthetic and custom products. A past master in the art of perforated and ribbed, we innovate every day to design custom architectural facings for all your buildings. His secret? Its ability to create their own tools to leverage proposals and thus adapt to the new challenges of contemporary architecture. And its integrated technical design office that can help you in all stages of your project.

Façade cladding, decorative tapes, backlit ceiling, railings design or interior design, TOLARTOIS knows how to handle the work of sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc to respond as specifically possible and offer an almost infinite range of products. TOLARTOIS further undertakes to accurately listen to your wishes and provide relevant and competitive proposals, specifically tailored to your needs.

Our expertise allows juggle colors, ribbing, perforations, textures, backlighting but also the finishes, paint options, galvanizing, etc. With multiple combinations offered Tolartois, your imagination hardly know more than technical limitations.