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To give originality to your façades, iridescent shades are now available. Our choice of iridescent powder shades makes it possible to bend, perforate, form sheets and give them original finishes.

  • Tolartois - Aurore: A combination of grey and rosé
  • Tolartois - Meteor: A brown that turns purple
  • Tolartois - Sunset: A blend of red and brown
  • Tolartois - Mangrove: A subtle turquoise mixed with green

The Tolartois finishes

In order to make your façades unique, TOLARTOIS has developed original finishes (gloss, satin, ultra-matt, oxidized or exotic) and grouped them into 3 trends illustrating different facets of contemporary architecture.

  • Material
  • « Modernity »
  • « Hybrid »
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