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The Palace Theater

26 August 2015

The theater building at Bethune does not go unnoticed. On one side, the entry concrete building polish purple, built in 1999. On the other, extending entirely dressed in black, opened in September 2014. The will of the architect Manuelle Gautrand, who had the chance to lead the two projects to fifteen years apart, had to assume totally the two design eras.

That’s why Manuelle Gautrand imagined an entirely clothed in black extension, both to oppose the two buildings while giving the impression of continuity. Large diamonds drawn black stencil of the main building became great black diamonds composed of perforated metal panels. Alternating matt and gloss gives a personality to supplement the building.

TOLARTOIS followed the instructions of the architect literally, by making timely ribbed panels, alternately treated matt and shiny. The technical challenge of this achievement? The pattern layout in staggered row implies technically the miter cuts on each trapezoid panels. For this, TOLARTOIS adopted shearing.

Result : Not only the ribbings coincide perfectly but they also offer a perfectly flat surface.


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