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We know how to make the metal parts you need. At TOLARTOIS, perforation and ribbing are central to our business. Add to that our expertise in cutting, folding, stamping, notching, slitting, bending, welding and finishing, and we the ideal partner for designing your high value added metal parts, from the simplest to the most complex, as a prototype or mid-sized production run.

On the strength of our more than 50 years of experience, TOLARTOIS is committed not only to being ultra-reactive but also to offering you the highest quality product. Perfectionists in our industry, we are fully aware of the challenges involved in food processing, transport, construction and energy industries, among others: We are able to manufacture parts to the tightest tolerances.

Our engineering department can offer you the most efficient and competitive solution, whether for a single unit or a complicated structure, as a single part or as a mid-sized production run.


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