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Atoll in Angers

26 August 2015

Atoll, commercial eco-park built in 2012 in Angers and designed by Antonio Virga and Vincent Parreira, took up the challenge of combining architectural simplicity and fine detail. The architects have indeed drawn a huge ellipse as a link between the four business clusters dedicated to the development and decoration of the house. At the ends, majestic gateways connect the center to road networks.

The spirit of the project was to create a feeling of blanket around the shops, with a landscape reflected in the façade. TOLARTOIS has designed a metal sheet perforated aluminum with a double curvature pearly white, capable of conforming to the rounded shapes of the roof, while extending an awning for the walk. Designed in association with the computer company Gehry Technologies, this fishnet has been designed to reduce noise pollution : again, TOLARTOIS put everything in its expertise to precisely meet the specifications imposed.

TOLARTOIS also innovated by inventing an innovate fixing for the backlight of the aluminum fishnet. This soft light depth to the set, while limiting visual pollution, just as the architects wanted. Technically, the design office TOLARTOIS studies invented a double curvature and innovative tape for fixing the backlight. Playing on the flexibility of its organization, workshops TOLARTOIS have managed the feat of producing in just three months nearly 55 000 m² of this metal facade cladding beautiful and highly technical.


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