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Jean Lurçat College

26 March 2015

How to be born an important building a college without obscuring the surrounding landscape? The Selma and Selwa Mikou architects working at Mikou Studio opted for a succession of seven pavillons in the park, overcame by the pictorial creations of the artist Felice Varini. Between these islands, buffers open spaces of green patios. Transparency is enhanced by a metal roof pleated aluminium. The cladding offer bright colorful anodized metal facades.

This is what occurred TOLARTOIS. The design office has developed three distinct forms of ribs, also playing on the long holes to distinguish buildings by the architect’s wishes. Technical precision meant to perforate and between the ribs in order to give an end to the whole design altogether. After eight weeks of conception, the workshops have engaged in the production, again with the particularity to propose a three anodizing colors, that is to say three shades in the same color.
The green, red and lemon woke Saint-Denis.



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